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DIGIMON CONGRATS!!!!!!! ;______;


Tomoda… you fool… ; ~ ;


Anonymous asked: Usagi + 4? *o*

ahhh, thank you anon!! I’ve been wanting to draw Usako all day! *^*
The color palette made me think of ice cream, sooo… 
I can almost hear Mamo-chan rolling his eyes at his precious princess dfhgfhgdf


ssu and i were talking about laser tag after seeing that watergun official art and this happened

Myers Briggs by Mythical Creatures


INFJ: Phoenix
ESTP: Centaur
INTJ: Basilisk
ESFP: Pegasus
INFP: Unicorn
ESTJ: Hellhound
INTP: Wizard
ESFJ: Angel
ISFJ: Genie
ENTP: Sea Serpent
ISTJ: Vampire
ENFP: Pixie
ISFP: Siren
ENTJ: Griffin
ISTP: Werewolf
ENFJ: Fairie


Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun's (月刊少女野崎くんMikoshiba Mikoto and Umetarō Nozaki wishing they were on Haikyuu! Illustrated by animator Chieko Miyagawa (宮川智恵子).


The vanilla and wind are unwinding your tired body
With the dream you told me about
One day, let’s go to our promised place!

I wasn’t able to draw anything yesterday, but here’s my contribution to the kagakuro mini summer event! since the boys spent all their time training in the beach episode, riko brought the whole team back for 100% fun in the sun!!!


Dark Mercury Masquerade

The 2nd opening of the “Moon Crisis: A Sailor Moon Tribute Show" will be having a Sailor Moon Masquerade event at Rothick Art Haus on August 9, 2014!


save a horse ride a cowboy

Happy Birthday to My Cutie Nagisa ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ.